Clarke Street, Newtown

IMG 1617
IMG 1619
IMG 1621
IMG 1622
IMG 1623

Centaurus Ave, Clifton Springs

Before the Renovation

IMG 1705
IMG 1706
IMG 1707
IMG 1710
IMG 1747

After the Renovation

 1 Centaurus Avenue, Clifton Springs07
 1 Centaurus Avenue, Clifton Springs01
 1 Centaurus Avenue, Clifton Springs02
 1 Centaurus Avenue, Clifton Springs04
 1 Centaurus Avenue, Clifton Springs09

Church Street, Hamlyn Heights

Before the Renovation

IMG 1777
IMG 1780
IMG 1781

After the Renovation

 166 Church Street, Hamlyn Heights03 Edit
 166 Church Street, Hamlyn Heights04
 166 Church Street, Hamlyn Heights05
 166 Church Street, Hamlyn Heights06
 166 Church Street, Hamlyn Heights07

“Sam & his team responded quickly, they were efficient, professional and I am extremely pleased with the job Naylor Builders completed. Excellent value for money. I highly recommend their services. Thanks heaps!”

Charlene, Geelong West